Welcome to SmartBind Solutions!

Our company has born in our photography studio, from the purest desire of lightning newborn, pregnant and family photography sessions using a controled and simple method. Our goal? Simulate natural light.

From there, we started a long process of adapting our product, testing, improving, adjusting. Finaly one day... The magic happened! Our product resulted in something so good that we decided to share our creation with the community of photographers in Brazil.

What at first was an adventure, ended up becoming a successful product, the "LED Window". We never imagined that there was such a need in the market for an out of the box light, that combines robustness, size, and extreme light quality.

Our history in Brazil has been 3 years since the product was created, with successfull stories and hundreds of satisfied partners. We have received incredible feedbacks, reporting that after the use of the LED Window started, their photos were transformed, and the workflow in the post production has substantially decreased.

As a company, SmartBind Solutions wants to do differently. We do not have customers, but partners, because we believe that growth happens if we pay attention to each suggestion we receive, and give in return all the support to guarantee the success of our partners.

It is a pleasure for us, a proudly Brazilian company, to announce that our product is already present in several studios in Europe, United States and Latin America. We feel ready to share LED Window worldwide now.

We will be immensely happy to receive your contact and offer more information.

Best regards,

Glauber & Vanessa
CEOs - SmartBind Solutions
+55 11 95096-6049